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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Little daredevil!

It sounds unsafe...and it is...BUT parents of stroke survivors (and some others of you) know how BIG this is.

Kath can walk up the slide, using the elephant walk; she walks and pulls herself all the way to the top of our rather steep slide incline.

WOW! I love the summer growth spurts! The strength that shows in her arms and legs and the balance is pretty big!

All this is even more exciting because Kath is overcoming weakness and paralysis on her right side as well as balance and vision issues all related to the stroke she survived in utero.

~ Katharina's Mom

Monday, February 15, 2010

Reaching New Heights!

A few nights ago I was taking a shower and Joe (age 5) was watching TV in my room. After my shower I saw that he was up on the big deal...until I noticed that the step stool wasn't up to the bed.

I asked him how he got on the bed and he giggled and said "I climbed." Our bed is just a regular bed, not higher than the standard, but Joe has never been able to get on it...I have either had to pick him up or he has had to use a step stool.

Each night since then he has climbed up on the bed and then has said to me "Ask me how I got on the bed." It's amazing how these "little" things can be so BIG.

~ Mom to Joe, 5, CP, RH

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a Climber!!!

Hannah is our amazing 3.5 year old daughter. When she entered the (typical) preschool classroom in January, she became determined to climb the large rope "wall" on the preschool playground. She started out having trouble climbing up even a few steps and needed help getting down. But she is a determined little thing and worked at it each time her class went outside.

Now, she can scale up and down that entire wall independently, and rather quickly (gripping with both hands, I might add!)!! Some of the 4 year old boys in her class can't even conquer that wall! We're so darn proud of her. Nothing will stop this girl.

She even recently started being able to lift her body weight off of the ground while hanging with two hands from a bar! Hannah's in utero stroke was quite large (left middle cerebral artery), so watching her strength and agility when she climbs things is just beyond belief.

Our little climber is also very sweet, very talkative, and smart beyond her years. And she's probably one of the few 3 year olds who loves to look at maps/globes and knows the capitals of more than 20 states. ~ Hannah's mom

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Never Say Never

Katie is having a great week, she climbed the stairs alone today, all the way to the top...17 steps, and she signed "Thank-you" with her right hand.

This might not seem like much, but when Katie was diagnosed at 7 months old as having survived an in utero stroke we were told that she would likely never walk or talk and might never develop past where she was at as a 7 month old.

At not quite 2 years old, she not only walks, but runs and climbs stairs. Katie is a wonderful little girl, and a joy to be around.

~ Lucky mama to Katie, 23 months