Sunday, May 1, 2011


When Gregory entered kindergarten at age 5, he could barely write the letter “G” in his name.  It took the first two years of elementary school, intensive practice at home and school using a specialized writing curriculum, and hours of occupational therapy for him to consistently remember how to form the rest of the letters of the alphabet.  In first grade, when he finally took his first spelling test, he used a letter grid that allowed him to point to each letter/sound he heard in order to highlight his spelling skills without penalizing him for his writing challenges.  At that time he was 6 ½ years old and was spelling 2-3 words each week, ones such as “he” and “me,” “so” and “no.”

Having survived a stroke at birth, followed a few months later by a rare but serious epilepsy syndrome, visual and cognitive tasks such as writing and spelling came extremely difficult to Gregory.

Fast forward to the current school year and Gregory is an almost 11-year-old fifth grader who aces his weekly spelling tests!  He still has to work extremely hard but is so proud that he has been able to apply the spelling rules he learns to remember bigger words such as “milkshake,” “seashore” and “restrain,” as well as some of the really odd ones, like “brought,” “honest,” and “answer.”  With hope and a lot of determination, anything is possible! 

~ Gregory's Proud Mom 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

One, Two, Three...Walk with me!

Just wanted to share our news - Ben is walking!

He is 19 months old and has been on the verge of walking for what seems like an eternity.

Until now he has been cruising and walking from one piece of furniture to another...and just last weekend he got it and is now walking independently!

Words can't even describe what joy this brings us. Although the specialists all tell us "they will walk" is so special and reassuring when it actually happens.

Thanks for sharing in our joy! 

~ Ben's proud mom.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cleared For Takeoff!

Teddy hasn't been able to ride amusement park rides for a long time because of sensory issues, so we haven't even thought of taking a trip in an airplane because of the risk involved (maybe he wouldn't get on the plane? he might melt down when we're in the air?) But when my husband asked Teddy on a whim if he'd like to take a plane ride in the little 4 seater at our local airport, Teddy surprised us both and said yes!

We decided to make it his 11th birthday present and Teddy was excited and ready. Then the day of his birthday he came home from school in tears, worried about flying. We both talked to him, calmed him down, and explained that if he didn't want to, he didn't have to. We would just go look at the plane and then come home. This eased his mind a lot!

When we got to the airport Teddy's spirits perked up. He loves watching the planes take off and land, so he started getting excited. When the pilot got there and asked Teddy if he was ready to fly, he said "YES!" Alan and the pilot got in the front seat while Teddy and I rode in the back. When the engine started he got a little nervous about the noise, but Dad gave Teddy his headset and from there on it was smooth sailing! Teddy wasn't bothered about the motion of the plane, the sounds, or the heights. It was a wonderful achievement, and we're so proud of our big guy!

~ Teddy's proud mom

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hello. I  thought I would share my great news of the day. My son started pedaling a bike with no training wheels on it today.

Oh, he was so excited!! He kept yelling, "Yea hooo! Yea hooo!"  It was so cute and tear jerking.

When he was younger his foot would always fall off the pedal, so we got a strap for his affected foot.

Then the mountain bike we got had handles that he felt were too far for his shorter affected arm and too high so he felt unsafe, so I bought him and his brother a balance bike.  This was the best thing I have ever done, no peddles but man he learned how to balance in a month or so and could go flying everywhere with it, and he opened his hand and placed it on the handle. 

So today when he got on this new shorter bike, with no training wheels, and handles that are closer to him, he was flying around on it like a balance bike, and I said, "Hey! The hardest part of riding a bike is balancing and you have that down, so why don't you peddle?" So he put his feet up and wobbled like twice then was on his way!!!

Oh, his face! I never knew if he would ride because his right hand has very tight muscles because of the hemiplegic cerebral palsy and his leg used to slip.  His riding a bike is my good news of the day!!

~Proud mother to Evan 6 Right Hemeplegia