Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes she can!

Brooke was about 7 months old when she was diagnosed with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy. After a great pregnancy, labor and delivery, this was a huge shock to us, and left us completely off guard. Her doctor told us all of the things she would never do, like crawling, walking, playing piano. We all took it very hard.

Our family banded together and have been working with her a great deal, along with her Physical Therapist. Around 10 months, she started "Army crawling"; at 11 months she pulled herself up to stand at the couch; around 12 months she started regular crawling (after trying and trying and trying); and has just recently at 14 months started  to stand on her own for a couple seconds and has even taken a couple steps!

It has been a very long road, and we have just begun. We are so proud of our little girl and all the progress she has made, and look forward to seeing all the things we know she will accomplish. She is very strong willed and will do anything she puts her mind to, one way or another. She has already proven her doctors wrong and we wouldn't change her for anything.

~Brooke's extremely proud and grateful mom.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A True Winner - Cerebral Palsy Doesn't Slow Down Nathan

Nathan and his twin Jacob were born 4th of July 2002 at 29 weeks. Shortly after birth Nathan suffered a Grade IV brain hemorrhage. As a result he has left hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Nathan is currently in the 3rd grade and doing very well. I want to share his story of hope as it has not always been so easy and there were many days when we wondered how Nathan would do as he grew older.

Nathan has been competing in the Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged the past three years. His first year he took home 7 gold medals - a medal in each event he entered. The second year he earned 8 gold and again this year 8 gold medals for Nathan!!!! This year he won gold medals in the 40M, 60M, 100M dash, distance kick, soft toss, precision throw, and bowling.
Nathan also has been taking Karate for the past 2 1/2 years and was promoted to rank of blue belt in September. He recently competed in a tournament for Karate with typically developing children and did an awesome job. Here is a video of Nathan from that Tournament.

Nathan continues to work hard in both school, Karate, and he does all of this despite his disability. He amazes me each day!!! I am so proud to be his mom. :)    Nathan's Mom

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pediatric Stroke Survivor is a Grand Champion!

Thomas rides in a program called "We Can Ride 4-H Club." He has been in the program for about 8 years. This year he won Grand Champion in Showmanship. Showmanship is where you walk the horse to the judge and show him or her that you have control over the horse. You need to make eye contact and smile, which is very hard for Thomas, but he pulled it off and won Grand Champion.

The club always ends the season with a show at the County Youth Fair where Thomas ended up with an awesome third place in riding, which is AWESOME. Thomas now rides with only a spotter, no more side walkers and we are trying to get him to do it by himself.

Thomas is 15 and a Sophomore in High School. Thomas also survived a pediatric stroke.

~Thomas' proud mom.