Monday, April 26, 2010

Made the cut!

Danny had played on a competitive football team for four years, but the time came for school ball. The program in his school is fierce, large, strong and competetive.

About 60 boys tried out for 35 spots. We cheered him on, but told him there is no shame in being cut... if that happens.

Team selection day came and Danny made it!! He proudly wears #42 (see him in the photo?) and works hard in practice. He has had to overcome sore feet and blisters becuase of his AFO.

For parents wondering aobut sports for their kids, we suggest to let them do whatever they want. Anything is possible. Many people question our decision to let Danny play tackle football. I question it too sometimes, but I cannot bring myself to tell him no. And the smile on his face when he is on the field lights up the world.

~Proud mom to #42 on the 7th grade team!


  1. My 7 y/o son had a stroke in June. He had a dream of being a fb player. Drew a picture, wrote a note and I put it up on the fridge. Nobody around me, even his o/t knows how to deal with Childhood stroke. I don't really care about football...but, if you can tell me anything about ANYTHING, I would appreciate it forever.

  2. My son had a stroke at 12 years old. After PT he developed problems with his walk. Ortho consult wants to operate. Heel cord lenghening and lateral column lengthening. Does anyone have experience with this?

  3. My son had a stroke at age 9, he is now 13. He has come a long way in these four years. From a wheel chair to walking and running. He is still receiving therapy for left hand weakness. There isn't much he can do with his left hand yet but we are all faithful that he will regain FULL use of hie left hand(he was a lefty). God has helped us pull through these difficult years. I pray that you can stay strong and keep taking the little steps needed for your journey forward in the therapy process... like I said we are not done yet but we have seen God's hand. If you want to look me up in FB. Mayda Lopez Calderon, I have pictures of Gabriel when he had the stroke and a short video of him learning how to walk again. They are alive and with us so we have to be thankful.