Monday, March 15, 2010

Speed Racer!

Ryan loves racing in his kart and it is something that has helped him use his feet and his hands with coordination. His racing has given him great confidence and only his very close friends even know that he has a disability.

He is going to compete in some regional races and maybe a national race this year. Ryan is going to put a CHASA logo on his kart to raise some awareness! (we'll try to post photos of his kart with the logo later...)

~ Ryan's Proud Dad.


  1. Way to go Ryan! We're really proud of you!
    Love ya!
    Aunt Barbara and Curt

  2. Hi Ryan and dad Jeff

    It is great to see and read that driving can be done successfully! Am I right that Ryan has hemiplegia?

    We have 15 months old boy who also has hemi on the left side. At the beginning we were told that he will never run and there are no guarantees of walking either becouse his brain damage is so large. Today left side is different of course but hand and leg works quite nicely and there are no doubts of walking or running capabilityes. My husband did go-kart racing when he was Ryans age. He has always dreamed that his own child could get same type experiences. Our child is small now but he believes that later racing coud help cordination and motor skills just like it has done for Ryan.

    How old Ryan was when he started to walk on his own? And how old he was when he drove first time and what kind was first car?

    Mother Jaana from Finland