Monday, February 15, 2010

Reaching New Heights!

A few nights ago I was taking a shower and Joe (age 5) was watching TV in my room. After my shower I saw that he was up on the big deal...until I noticed that the step stool wasn't up to the bed.

I asked him how he got on the bed and he giggled and said "I climbed." Our bed is just a regular bed, not higher than the standard, but Joe has never been able to get on it...I have either had to pick him up or he has had to use a step stool.

Each night since then he has climbed up on the bed and then has said to me "Ask me how I got on the bed." It's amazing how these "little" things can be so BIG.

~ Mom to Joe, 5, CP, RH

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  1. My daughter is 4 and has weakness on her right side. My husband and I noticed it right around 3 months old. We had her checked and were told she'll grow out of it, oh it's pintched nerves, not until December were we told she had Hemiplegia on her right side. Of course my mind was flooded with questions? Why? How? What cause this? Is there a cure? Will it ever go away? I'm still stuggling to get answers, but know that each day she climbs a stair or undresses herself that tomorrow will be just as wonderful for her. I know your excitement to see your son climb on the bed for the first time, we had the exact same situation and you would have thought we won the lottery with all the excitement in the house!