Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Trike for Matthew

Our favorite new toy, a bike! Our family loves bike rides around the neighborhood and our 2 ½ year old, Matthew, would normally ride in his wagon, until one day my husband put him on his lap and rode him down the street. From that day on, Matthew would not ride in his wagon without throwing a complete fit. Mommy thought it was time for a new toy and headed for the toy store for a bike.

I found the perfect tricycle, it even has a handle for me to push and steer him with. He fell in love with his new toy and we go for a bike ride everyday. He’s learning how to pedal it himself and is trying to keep up with the rest of the gang. We have four children, Tyler, 11, Mark, 10, Lila, 4, and Matthew, so he has many acts to follow and learn from. We are proud beyond words of our little boy who suffered a stroke during open heart surgery at just two days old.

The doctors didn’t know how the stroke would affect Matthew at the time, but look at him now. He has accomplished many things and has overcome many obstacles in the past two years. He walks, runs, and plays just like everyone else and is as happy as can be. And now, he even rides a bike! Way to go Matthew!
~ Matthew's mom

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