Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cameron is a Fish

Cameron is a fish and loves water. He has always wanted to swim, play in the water, put his face in the water and pool. We started swim lessons when he was a tiny baby and he would always want to go, go go. His goal was to swim by himself. The traditional style of swimming was not working with his right hand and leg. (Cameron has hemiparesis.) We told him he had to find his own style of swimming. A way he would not get so tired.

This summer at age 7 he can jump off the diving board swim to us by himself. He can go down a water slide and swim to us. He can jump into the pool and swim to us his own way. He said ""I did it! I did it! I can swim!" Here is a picture of his brother Evan (age 5) and Cameron at the pool. Way to go Cameron! ~ Cameron's mom


  1. This story brings tears to my eyes. You have very special little boy; his determination is inspiring.

  2. Im so glad to hear that! My Daughter Livia 4 has left side hemiparesis and I have always wondered if she is going to be able to swim. Thank you for the update.