Sunday, September 27, 2009

Twirling Flower Girl

Emilia is 2-1/2 and has left hemiplegia. A year ago she was learning how to walk and kept her left hand close to her.

This year she was a flower girl in her aunt's wedding. Emilia walked down the aisle holding a basket and tossing flower petals, then danced and twirled her way through the reception!

~ Emilia's Proud Mommy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cameron is a Fish

Cameron is a fish and loves water. He has always wanted to swim, play in the water, put his face in the water and pool. We started swim lessons when he was a tiny baby and he would always want to go, go go. His goal was to swim by himself. The traditional style of swimming was not working with his right hand and leg. (Cameron has hemiparesis.) We told him he had to find his own style of swimming. A way he would not get so tired.

This summer at age 7 he can jump off the diving board swim to us by himself. He can go down a water slide and swim to us. He can jump into the pool and swim to us his own way. He said ""I did it! I did it! I can swim!" Here is a picture of his brother Evan (age 5) and Cameron at the pool. Way to go Cameron! ~ Cameron's mom

Monday, September 14, 2009

From Combat Crawling to First Steps!

As of two months ago, Isaiah was still combat crawling. Then, one day we took him to a local pool and he didn't like how it felt to combat crawl on the grass with no shirt. So, he popped up onto all fours and started crawling back to the pool - he is obsessed with swimming. We were totally astounded...after months of work, he just popped up and did it. And then, he pretty much never went back to the combat crawl.

The best thing - about four feet into this crawling - he looked back over his shoulder and gave us this huge "I'm so proud of myself" grin. We immediately started cheering and whooping and clapping, not stopping despite the odd looks we were getting from the many parents who stared not knowing how much work had gone into that moment or how proud we were of Isaiah's perseverance. Isaiah has a diagnosis of right hemiplegia and schizencephaly.

Over the past month, Isaiah has been standing independently and taking 3-4 steps before getting down to crawl. This morning when I dropped him off at daycare, I put him down in the middle of the floor and he walked about 10 feet before getting down. And, about halfway through he gave me that same over the shoulder look of being so proud of himself, and I cheered. The big difference was that this time his teachers joined in and the other kids of course were mimicking us, and the teachers knew how big this was for him and exactly how much work has gone into it. It was amazing! And, I felt so thankful to be able to share that moment with his teachers who are so supportive of him day in and day out. When he dropped to his bum, he joined in the clapping! ~ Isaiah's mom

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nothing Gets In His Way

This is Brock. He was diagnosed at 6 months of age as having had a stroke while in the womb. Today he is a very active 3 year old who LOVES to push his toy lawn mower, playing with his older brother and being everything boy. He is a happy boy who enjoys life. Even at a young age, he doesn't let his weaknesses get in his way. He has learned how to climb on the couch, pick up a basketball, walk up stairs without a rail and so much more all on his own.

We had the pleasure of attending the 2009 CHASA (Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association) retreat ecently. We saw Brock get on the stage without any pushing and come alive "singing" karaoke with others. ~ Brock's mom