Monday, August 10, 2009

Taylor Learns to Walk!

Taylor is 20 months old and had a stroke when he was a few days old, while waiting for open heart surgery. He was diagnosed when he was 8 months old when he wasn't using his right arm.

Taylor is such a joyful boy and is always the favorite of all the doctors and nurses. He is always smiling and gets so excited when he learns to do new things.

Lately Taylor has been trying so hard to walk. When he first started trying he would laugh so hard that he would lose his balance but he would get back up and do it again. He can take 4 to 5 steps now and he likes to climb up the steps to slides and climb down again. Taylor is truly an inspiration to everyone who knows him.

~ Taylor's Mom

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  1. I'm so proud of Taylor! I'm looking forward to seeing more updates on Taylor's progress! He's such an inspiration.

    Kai's Mother,