Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Job!

Over a year ago Joel applied for his first job at our local supermarket Woolworths. He had just turned 15 and was desperate to earn his own money and wanted to work. We were thrilled when they rang a week later to say he had been successful and would start right away. He was to work in the Delicatessen part of the supermarket serving customers, stocking meats, cheeses and salads and cleaning the area.

He went in for his first shift and we thought he would be there learning in the background for awhile. We were surprised when he came home and said he had been serving customers 5 minutes in and was learning as he went. He found his own way of serving and for a while placing hot chickens in bags was difficult but he found a way around it.

First jobs are a major part of growing up for most teenagers, for Joel who has had Left Hemiplegia from birth this was another milestone achieved and we could not have been prouder of our son. He is an inspiration to us and those he meets. While at work one day a woman asked if he had hemiplegia and said it was great to see him working as her young son also has hemiplegia and it gave her hope.

Joel has been accepted into the workforce and a year down the track is still working hard and has a long list of items bought with his hard earned money as well as saving for a his first car. ~ Joel's Mum


  1. Joel you are an inspiration to our family! Vanessa

  2. Joel you give me hope for my son Kaleb.Thank you

  3. We've seen your talents on YouTube and so are not surprised by your success at Woolorth's. Now, we'll be waiting to hear about your new car:) Congratulations and Best Wishes from the US.