Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1st Place in Public Speaking

"We don't know if your daughter will have problems with speech and language. The stroke injured the area where speech is usually located." These were just a few of the words that we heard when our daughter, less than a month old, was diagnosed with having experienced a stroke. The doctors suspect that the stroke occurred sometime near birth.
Fast forward 15 years.... We're very excited to share the wonderful news that our daughter placed FIRST in her category at our state's 4-H competition... in public speaking! She gave a speech on how to prevent traumatic brain injury, which she hopes will help others in the future.
~ Kate's mom


  1. Great job Kate! That's awesome!

  2. OMG!! What a magnificent accomplishment! Great Job!

  3. Congratulations Kate!

    Brenda and Courtney

  4. Way to go! I was a national 4-H public speaking winner in 1986. It is a wonderful organization. I have a son who had a stroke at 2 years of age - he is now 8. We are getting ourselves ready to start a 4-H journey. Congratulations - this is quite an accomplishment and I love your subject matter! Inspirational.

  5. Way to go! Your story brings inspiration to stroke victims and parents. Our son Kai who was born on April 30, 2009 had a double stroke and is showing progress every day. With early intervention we hope to beat this!