Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Amazing Baseball Player

Danny, our twelve year old, is the happiest of our 3 boys. He has his moments, but mostly he has a zest for life that motivates others to be happy too. He lights up a room with his dimpled smile and bright eyes. People are drawn to him and want to be around him. He is truly a joy. When Danny had his stroke at the age of 2, we were crushed and didn't know what the future would hold for him.

Danny is an amazing athlete, playing a variety of sports. Danny plays baseball in our local parks and rec league. He plays infield most of the time. He uses an adaptive Jim Abbot technique. He fields the ball in his left handed glove, then balances the glove on his right (completely paralyzed arm), takes the ball out of the mitt as it drops to the ground and then throws the ball wherever the play is. He has a great baseball sense. He is an average hitter, many times getting key hits at important times in the games. He bats completely one handed.

Watch this site for more blogs about Danny in other sports.

Danny's Mom


  1. This is so inspiring to us! We hope our son will play sports! Thank you!

  2. Good Job Danny!
    My son was 7 when he had his stroke which affect the right side.He is now 17 and is driving and a senior in high school and would like to go to school for automotive technician.

  3. wow good job danny. i hope u stick with baseball and not let your arm effect your career. i play baseball to. keep up the good work danny:)