Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Amazing Baseball Player

Danny, our twelve year old, is the happiest of our 3 boys. He has his moments, but mostly he has a zest for life that motivates others to be happy too. He lights up a room with his dimpled smile and bright eyes. People are drawn to him and want to be around him. He is truly a joy. When Danny had his stroke at the age of 2, we were crushed and didn't know what the future would hold for him.

Danny is an amazing athlete, playing a variety of sports. Danny plays baseball in our local parks and rec league. He plays infield most of the time. He uses an adaptive Jim Abbot technique. He fields the ball in his left handed glove, then balances the glove on his right (completely paralyzed arm), takes the ball out of the mitt as it drops to the ground and then throws the ball wherever the play is. He has a great baseball sense. He is an average hitter, many times getting key hits at important times in the games. He bats completely one handed.

Watch this site for more blogs about Danny in other sports.

Danny's Mom

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Newest Skier of the Family!

Luka started skiing this winter and he loved it! He has left hemiplegia (paralysis) therefore has a tendency to turn to the left on his skis, and he falls more frequently than most new skiers, BUT he kept smiling and laughing. Luka learned to get on and off the "magic carpet" all by himself and he even tried the chair lift a few times!

With every fall came deep belly laughter. He amazed me with his positive attitude and his perseverance. We tried the smallest skis we could find for him on his third ski day of the season, which really helped his balance.

We are very much looking forward to many days on the slopes next year! Luka also tried snow shoeing this year and managed to walk about 300 feet. We were impressed!

Luka's mom

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Kid Who Never Gives Up

Briana is doing great in school. She has joined her school's A & B honor roll and will receive an award soon for good grades and conduct. Briana has great physical challenges, due to an early stroke, but is very bright and this helps her in many ways.

She just got her service dog, Tomato, a few months ago. Tomato helps Briana walk and since then she has been falling down a lot less. Tomato has even helped Briana improve her behavior. Briana is a sweet 7 yr old kid who never gives up!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Although Christian is only ten months old, he has continued to amaze me, his doctors, and his therapists with his accomplishments. Christian had an in utero stroke and as a result, has been diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy (CP), affecting his right side.

Christian is now trying to sit up. When he was 7 1/2 months old, he raised his right (affected) arm and sucked his thumb for the first time. I can't express how happy I was; of how it felt to know that this is a sign of hope that everything will be okay. Since then, he has noticed his affected hand and will just stare at it like, "Hey! Where did you come from?"

Christian just learned to say DaDa and BaBA, and he has learned to play patty-cake. He even tries to use his right hand for part of the game. I can't express how happy and proud I am of him! ~ Christian's mom